A Seed Policy Roadmap For The Pacific Northwest

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NEW REPORT from Organic Seed Alliance and Friends of Family Farmers: A Seed Policy Roadmap For The Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) has the potential to be a leader in organic and non-GMO vegetable seed production due to the region’s ideal climate and environmental conditions. Organic seed production is also urgently needed to support the growing demand for organic food, now a $56 billion industry. When rooted in agroecology and fairness, organic production can serve as an impactful solution to daunting problems, such as climate change, market consolidation, and pesticides in our environment.

Organic Seed Alliance partnered with Friends of Family Farmers and additional stakeholders (including Cultivate Oregon) in the region to develop a policy roadmap and toolkit for seed advocates in the Pacific Northwest.

The goal of this Roadmap is to support seed advocates in protecting and expanding organic and other non-GMO seed production in the region from threats like canola production (which introduces problematic diseases and GMO traits) and other GMO crops.

The Roadmap lays out:

  1. Why this work is important.
  2. An overview of regional seed advocacy already underway.
  3. Suggested policy approaches for moving forward.
  4. A toolkit of resources for seed policy advocates.

The Roadmap and toolkit can also support seed advocates in other states who are exploring ways to strengthen community seed systems.

View the Interactive map of U.S. seed policy initiatives, and download this publication here.