Our Family Farms - Seed Sanctuary Celebration, May 20th

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From our friends at Our Family Farms -- "Join us Saturday, May 20th at Caldera Tap House in Downtown Ashland to celebrate our 3rd Birthday! Come by between 3:30 and 5:30 for cake and light appetizers and Raise a glass to toast our Victory!"

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/120366261851946

More info about this celebration: "3 years ago today, the farmers and citizens of our valley did what many thought was impossible….we stopped Monsanto and the biggest biotech companies from doing business in our 2 counties. It was the most expensive battle ever because, unlike other local GE crop bans in the U.S. we actually had these chemical companies planting undisclosed* experimental pollen-producing seed plots next to farms who grew non-GMO seeds on contract or saved their own seeds for next year's crops. We then fought a lawsuit in 2015 brought on by these same forces and successfully defended the will of 66% of the 2014 vote.

Neighboring Josephine County was also sued and the outcome is still pending due to a state law that stopped efforts to protect local agriculture from unwanted contamination.

Our valley prides itself as a world class seed producing region and for the sake of the future of our food system and family farmers here, there will be no compromise until we have prevailed at defending the people's 2014 decision in our entire valley.

We celebrate today these victories and the work of the hearts of people doing the important work to protect the future of family farms. 3:30-5:30, Caldera Tap House in Ashland." -Our Family Farms