Important Bills to Track This Legislative Session in Oregon

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Along with the GE Liability Bills that our coalition is working on (SB 434 and HB 2882) we also wanted to share other legislation that we support. You can sign up to track legislation that you are interested in by using the Oregon Legislative Information Site (olis) links below.
HB 2020 – Cap and Invest climate bill that creates a fund for “investments in natural and working lands that serve to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or promote carbon sequestration projects. This is also known as the Clean Energy Jobs Bill or CEJB. 
SB 103 – Establishes a moratorium on issuing state permits for new industrial dairy facilities (defined as over 2500 cows, or other large facilities that don’t provide seasonable access to pasture) until water and air quality rules are strengthened. 
HB 2619 - Prohibits the sale or use of products containing neonicotinoid pesticides in Oregon. 
HB 2493 - Prohibits aerial spraying of pesticides to land within the McKenzie River and Santiam River watersheds, which make up much a significant portion of the Willamette Valley. 
HB 2729 - Funding for Oregon’s Agricultural Heritage Program (OAHP) 
HB 2579 - $8.5 million for Farm to School funding. 
HB 2837 and SB 727 – Three million in funding for locally grown, farm-direct food purchases for SNAP recipients.  and 
HB 5026 - Oregon Hunger Response Fund 
HB 2173, 2184, and 2455 – create programs and funding for extending broadband infrastructure to under-served rural communities.
SB 257 - Provides $30 million in funding for the Oregon State University Statewide Public Service Programs, which would allow for increased staffing and new investments in Extension programs and Agricultural Experiment Stations to support the needs of family farmers and ranchers. Friends of Family Farmers is working to secure greater investments in Organic Extension agents in particular in order to meet the unique needs of the organic farming sector.
SB 114, SB 202, and HB 2237 - Support for farm worker housing.
SB 449 - Creates standards for “farm cafes” allowing farmers and ranchers to offer prepared meals made w/ products grown or produced on their farms or ranches or from the local agricultural area. 
SB 287 – Establishes standards for “farm breweries” to allow for fame-direct sales of beer from Oregon farms. 
HB 2790 – Amends rules for what qualifies as an “outdoor mass gathering” on farmland and requires clear and objective standards for permit review of agro-tourism gatherings of 500 individuals or fewer. 
HB 2844 Allows small farm product processing facilities without land use permits if they are otherwise operating legally. 
HB 2810 – An appropriation for the James Beard Public Market