Stop the DARK Act - National Call-in Day

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Join Cultivate Oregon and Oregon Right to Know on the National Day of Action to stop the DARK Act!

From Oregon Right to Know: The DARK Act is heading to the Senate -- now we need an unprecedented outpouring of support to ensure it never makes it past the Senate floor. That’s why we’re hosting a National Call-In Day on Wednesday, September 16th where we will flood the Capitol with tens of thousands of calls from grassroots activists who are standing up for our rights.

We need you to participate, Laura. Pledge to join next week’s National Call-In Day! It’s CRITICAL to let your Senators know you OPPOSE the DARK Act.

Monsanto knows there’s a movement for GMO labeling that’s growing all across the country, and it’s making them panic. They’re using legislation hand-crafted by corporate lobbyists to deny our right to know what’s in our food.

We need your participation in our National Call-In Day because, even with all the money and influence Monsanto is trying to throw at Congress, the best way to fight back against Big Food is to make our voices heard. We need to send the unmistakable message that the DARK Act is unacceptable.

The Senate needs to hear from YOU. Pledge to participate in our National Call-In Day on Wednesday, September 16th and STOP Monsanto’s legislation from becoming law!

We can’t afford to let this bill make it out of Congress, and this is our last chance to stop it before it passes. Monsanto can’t take on all of us together – it’s up to you to k

eep the pressure on.


Paige Richardson
Director, Oregon Right to Know



September 16, 2015 at 8:00am - 6pm


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