Call to Action!

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Many of you ask us - how can you get involved in the legislative process to help support small and mid-sized farms? Well now is your chance. Three different ways, no less! There are three bills we support this legislative short session HB 4002 (Farmworker Overtime), SB 1532 (OSU Extension & Economic Assessment of Oregon’s Organic Sector), and SB 1534 (Natural & Working Lands and Waters). All three bills have a scheduled hearing for TODAY so that means we are looking for folx to write testimony in support of these bills by tomorrow. We have provided instructions and a template for each bill so head on over to our website to take action and make your voice heard!
To get more information and write testimony for all three bills (or just one or two) - Deadline to submit written testimony is 2/9 at 5:30pm.
Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard!