SB 1037

From Mary Middleton: Sad news to report, but we have not given up yet. Hope to see you all at our upcoming fundraiser event. Message me if you have questions, but here is the online link: Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families and GMOFreeJoCo at our Plaisance Ranch fundraiser May 7.

SB1037 killed in a political standoff on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

The tactics of these well funded lobbyists and biotech front groups are cowardly and mostly done behind closed doors. The push back was intimidating enough to the Senate Committee, so once again big Ag won the day. Meanwhile the will of the people of Josephine County was ignored and local farmers are left with their protection literally blowing in the wind.

We will continue to pursue all possibilities to restore the rights of Oregon's farmers to protect their traditional crops.
Thanks to all who have reached out to your legislators to show support for these bills and a special thanks to all who showed up for the hearing on Wednesday in Salem. We outnumbered the opposition and had some amazing testimony.

It's going to take all of us to make this happen. Stay tuned to learn about ways you can help.
Mary Middleton
Director OSFF

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