Lincoln County Ballot Measure 21-177 Would Ban Aerial Pesticide Spraying

The local initiative, entitled “Freedom of Lincoln County from Aerially-Sprayed Pesticides”, would ban aerial pesticide spraying in coastal Lincoln County, and will be voted on in the upcoming May 2017 election. This would be the fourth Community Rights Measure that Oregonians will have voted on.

Citizens for a Healthy County say the ordinance will:

  1. Ban aircraft application of pesticides on clearcut forest land in Lincoln County.
  2. Protect our right to choose clean drinking water.
  3. Relieve our families and properties, wildlife and watershed from pesticide drift.
  4. Allow spray by backpack or tractor for farm, home, or fishing boat applications.
  5. Establish a local bill of rights to enable people to make important decisions about what happens in our community.
  6. Affirm and protect our rights to safety guaranteed to us under the Oregon State Constitution Article 1.
  7. Safeguard our wildlife from Atrazine and 2,4-D

You can read the full text of the ordinance here:

Measure Would Ban Aerial Pesticide Spraying In Lincoln County
By Rachael McDonald

May 8, 2017 | Oregon voters in coastal Lincoln County are considering a ballot measure that would ban aerial spraying of pesticides and herbicides.

It’s a practice that became a concern last month for City of Depoe Bay Supervisor Brady Weidner when he found an email in his inbox. It said Hancock Timber was going to spray herbicides from helicopters on a recently logged track near the city’s reservoir within a few days. Weidmar was alarmed because that reservoir supplies water to the small coastal community.

“They left a laundry list of chemicals that could be applied and they left in a toxic cocktail that concerned me quite a bit,” he said.

Those chemicals include Roundup and other weed-killers. Weidner and Mayor Barbara Leff wrote to the company. Hancock management came to Depoe Bay for a meeting. Weidner and Leff told the company they were worried chemicals might get into Depoe Bay’s water supply.

“We all rely on these streams to create the raw water to treat and store that we use for drinking water and just having that as, you know, as our only source water here. We don’t, on the coast we don’t have a lot of wells,” Weidner said.

Weidner says the company listened to their concerns. Hancock told him after hearing from the city they won’t spray at all on that property near the reservoir.

Backers of Measure 21-177 on the May 16 ballot in Lincoln County say the aerial spraying of herbicides that Hancock was planning should be outlawed.

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